Customer Comment

3rd gear at 2700-3000 is amazing ! Throttle response very instantaneous..... by the milimeter ! I'm wet d whole day....must b due 2 d remapping, sex on wheel !

( by sms )

WJK 8393 (James ) 1562.016v

Bos... after doing remap.... i test the car from KL to SPORE..... my car feel more responsive & manoeuvrebility...... ( by sms )

WMA 3696 (Dahari Rasik) 1472.016v

Fantastic ! ...... the car feels lighter. Now not so malu to go up Genting lah.    ( by sms )

BGA 7271 (Suffian) 1562.016v

Very Good respond and power, surprisingly back to Cameron Highland without changing much gear and very smooth. Good Job ! ( by phone )

WHE 996 (Ah Zai ) 1562.016v

Very smooth and powerful ! Thanks leong .. ( by phone )

TS 6111 (Dr Selva) 1472.016v

I love the power.....  ( by phone )

WJP 3638 (Saradin ~ Lawyer) 1562.016v

My friend tested my car and he said my car is really something to his alfa ( so smooth & comfort )  ( by phone  )

WHV 9800 (Alan) 1562.016v

Imagine my car touch 260max .... wahlaneh...... ( by phone )

BGM 133 (Zul) 166

This is fantastic, love it, Good job ....( by phone )

WLD 166 (Armardeep) 166

Why do we drive Alfas ?

For me it's once Alfa - forever Alfa.

Leong Alfatech

I've never driven a german car that could make me laugh. In all fairness I must specify that I have never driven a Porsche, but I've tried several VW's, Audi's, Opel, Mercedes and some Beemers. I've tried both economy models and the top of the line. Some of the big Beemers made me smile, but none of the cars made me laugh and shout as several Alfa's has made me do..
Thomas Standtoft

I really love going around with my spider, it still is a _real_ convertible where you can feel the wind and air. So well...I don't think German cars are bad... I just love Italian ones.
Martin Smarda

When I drove 156 for the first time I cought myself waiting on the stop light and smiling like a lunatic.
Dado Obad
For me it is simple. I would have a Geman car for a wife but an Italian car for a mistress.

Paul M
With BMW, Mercedes-Benz and etc. you'd probably geta polite " That's a nice / good / practical car ", but there's nosparkle, no cuore sportivo.

Alfa - very beautiful, sporty but expensive and flaw (not good made) car. New Alfa models - for rich people.
Zybszek (PL)

Every alfa has a soul, i speak with my 155 Q4 and we laugh together when we overtake some lame beemers
Serge Kamezind 

Alfa owners and drivers don't offend other people. They just look at them in their rear view mirror.
De Maertelaere Koen

The Alfa plays with turns. It leaps forward. It chirps to a stop on a dime, and gives change.
Speaker for the D00d

The Alfa is a ballerina. It dances around turns, picking up and putting down its tires. Play the steering wheel against the throttle, and you can practically rotate it in its own length.

Alfas were made to be driven, Fords were made to be in traffic jams.

I bought one, because of the handling and the esthetics of leather and hot aluminum.
The D00d again

You must have had that day that your boss or co-worker came to you and mentioned you just have done a GREAT job. He realy means it and so he is proud of you. This will give a enormous great feeling!. now here's some therapy for the same/better feeling:
Go to your car, sit down, do NOT start, just wait. Look around, observe the interior, and I mean ALL items. Put your arm on the armrest (if you have one) and relax. Now kiss your steering-wheel (no joke) and sit back again. Close your eyes (again) and dream away.
  • This won't cost you a penny on petrol.
  • This is most relaxing but make sure you're alone.
  • The first one who can do the same thing in another brand of car i would really like to meet.
    Alfa Ronmeo

  • Alfa Romeos aren't cars... they're a way of living; they utter a sense of uniqueness and give the person driving it something that's not easy to capture in words.

    Alfas are for people who like to drive, not just ride along.
    Speaker for the D00d

    Find an open road, place foot firmly on accelerator, push to floor, steer as required. Beware of impending grin from ear to ear.

    You have to drive one to understand, once you've driven one, you can't explain to someone who hasn't.

    If you choose the Alfa, you will certainly quickly run into a problem concerning time. You will no longer have time for your friends or family, because the best ride in an Alfa is always the next one. You will soon discover, that though the shortest distance between A and B is a straight line, you will never find yourself on the straight line, because you have to pass C, D, E and F, and you just have to check out the winding backroads in your area in order to plan the next weekenddrive.


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