About Us

Established in 1987, being one of the pioneer independent garage specialising in repairs and services of Alfa Romeo marque. With a force of more than 30 specially trained and qualified technicians, Alfatech can accommodate more than 15 cars at any one time,  eliminating the inconvenience of appointments required and down-time with immediate attention and efficient service to the convenience of customers.
Driven by passion and an Alfisti at heart, the involvement and evolution into Motorsports Development gave birth to a new division within the Organization - Alfatech Motorsports.
Alfatech Motorsports offers diagnostically proven power modifications and performance enhancements in forms of technologically advance ECU Re-mapping, Performance Tuning, Bodystyling & Conversions, Engine Upgrades & Modifications, Suspension & Braking Systems, Wheels & Tire Packages and  go-fast Accessories.
Alfa owners should get to know him, Lee Leong. Leong’s story started back in 1987 in SS2 when he opened his first workshop the Total Car. He was fettling continental cars then, mainly BMWs and Mercedes-Benz.
One day he noticed that Alfa owners were having trouble getting good services and parts. So after that he joins Milan Auto, the franchise holder for the Italian marque, learnt his skill and hasn’t looked back since. Leong only work there for a while before him opening up his own Alfa specialist’s center, ALFATECH in Bandar Sunway.
Since then, most of his knowledge about Alfa is obtained on trips he makes oversea sourcing Alfa spare parts. In fact, Leong has the largest stock of Alfa parts, both new and second-hand in the country.
Leong will fly to UK, Japan and a few other countries for spares and half-cuts. If u need it he most probably has it, just call and he can tell you whether it’s available or not. On the servicing and fixing side, Leong let his partner handle it but if needed he will assist in the work. Leong explains that he will also keep in-check with the latest alfa technology while oversea looking for parts.
Apart from owning a few more workshops, Leong also has a restaurant specializing in crabs. Some of the services Leong can provide is converting a 164 Alfa to a 168 Alfa and his workshop equipped with the latest Alfa and Fiat diagnostic computer.