ECU Remapping

When we remap an ECU we are basically fine tuning the program that deals with engine performance. As well as producing greater power and torque we also deal with drivability problems at lower rev range such as flat spots and hesitation issues giving the engine more initial torque making a more responsive and enjoyable drive.



Petrol (Naturally Aspirated)

Remapping a petrol engine ECU will produce 10-15% BHP depending on exact specification, the engine will also be more responsive on initial acceleration and produce more torque (up to 20%) through out entire rev range, giving more response on lighter throttle.


Petrol (Turbo)

Remapping a petrol turbo engine ECU will produce 20-30% BHP depending on exact specification, the engine will be significantly more responsive with power coming in immediately relative to throttle input with no lagging at higher revs. This large increase in power & torque gives far more flexibility in all gears reducing the need to change down unnecessarily to overtake safely and quickly.


Serial remapping

Serial port programming allows us to remap an ECU (Engine Control Unit) without removing the ECU from the car, the remapped software is uploaded direct to the ECUs EPROM via the vehicles diagnostic socket, this allows for the performance conversion to be totally invisible with no soldering or removal of components.

Forced induction map


Chip tuning

Chip tuning is basically a normal EPROM chip that you would find inside any engine ECU but has been reprogrammed with tuned software to give the engine more power and better drivability.

These EPROM's store information that controls fuel injection duration, ignition advance, turbo boost variable cam lift and throttle response. This information is programmed by the manufacturer in a de-tuned format it is this de-tuning that enables companies like superchips ourselves to reprogram them with tuned software we have developed.


What is remapping
Remapping is overwriting original software contained inside a cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) with tuned software. This software is referred to as the engine map because it is this program that controls the engine. Before the advent of serial port remapping the only way to overwrite this software was to replace the chip that contained the software. Now this can all be done by plugging in to the vehicles serial port and overwrite the engine map with the performance version. Remapping is not a gimmick it is a performance conversion that will seriously improve the power & drivability of your engine.

Why have my car remapped and not superchipped
With a superchip the ECU has to be removed and the EPROM (chip) has to be desoldered from the circuit board then a new remapped chip soldered in its place, this process can cause damage to the ECU and invalidates any vehicle warranty or insurance cover.
Serial port remapping does not require ECU removal or any soldering work, the remapped software is uploaded directly to the EPROM via the vehicles serial port safe guarding the ECU from damage and protecting any insurance or warranty cover, in most cases the bonnet will not even need to be lifted.

Why don't the car manufacturers do the remapping in the first place, surely a more powerful engine is a selling point
This is a very good question, why does a car manufacturer purposely de-tune an engine before they sell it. There are a few reasons for this - one is that the manufacturers have to sell there car all over the world and must de-tune there engines for different fuel grades and atmospheric conditions to prevent engine damage caused by these conditions. They also have to take in to account the average car buyer not every car buyer is like you they don't all want blistering horsepower from there engine, so they must compromise between out & out performance and general sale ability.

Can my car be returned to standard power at a later date
Yes we keep every customers original map on hard drive so if you ever decide to return you car to its standard power, say if you pass it on to a less experienced driver we can come out and reprogram your ECU at any time.

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